• Dealing with difficult people
  • Anger Management:  Understanding Anger
  • Getting Along in the Workplace 
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Communication Strategies 

Workplace Essentials

  • Business Ethics For The Office 
  • Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the workplace
  • Safety in the workplace 
  • Workplace Harassment: What it is and What to do about it 
  • Workplace Violence: How to Manage Anger and Violence in the Workplace 
  • Building Better Teams 
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment 
  • Workplace Wellness 

Career Development 

  • Workplace Success: Seven Key Skills You'll Need
  • Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance
  • Goal Setting 
  • Skills for the Administrative Assistant 
  • Active Listening 
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation 
  • Mastering the Interview 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Networking for Success