Vivolyn Ferguson is the founder and CEO of Victorious Training Solutions (VTS), a mediation, business and professional development company.  She has over 20 years experience working in private and public sector helping organizations and individuals meet their business goals in areas of customer service, conflict resolution, team building, and improved work performance. Vivolyn is known for her friendly upbeat training style, her inspirational and results-driven training, and innovative and engaging ideas.

She is a skilled trainer specializing in helping individuals resolve their conflicts through the mediation process. She is a registered mediator with the state of Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.  Her objective is to turn your conflict into productive conversation.  Her passion is to help individuals develop lifelong skills that will help them to be successful in every area of their life.

Throughout her career, Vivolyn has worked with leading corporations, nonprofits, and universities including, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, City of Faith COG, David Erickson Consultant,Ltd., New American Pathways, and Goodwill.

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